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The skylight

There’s something very intimate in knowing that your eyes are wandering over the same scene as someone you love has done too – especially when the scene is of a view that you know they have studied before you, and will continue to do so after you have left. That scene (for me) is the sky. Particularly out of my boyfriends skylight. We currently live a 45 minute train journey away which is a good tenner out of my pocket every time I’m feeling convincingly single. Like a gentleman, he unquestionably sacrifices his own bed for the sofa when I choose to stay over (which is frequently the case). Therefore, I get the comfortable option compared to a sofa too short for my long legs to stretch out on (he suffers instead). And whilst I’m here in a fond but alien place, I lie on my back and look up, and providing it’s past 12am become rather philosophical over a window in the roof. Depending on the day, I either see the beautiful night sky or a dull hue of cloud and blur, although either way I can find something deep and meaningful about it. 

Tonight I’m dwelling on the idea that what I see in front of me, is exactly the same as what my boyfriend sees each night as he lays in this bed (give it take a few clouds). And it’s led me to think that although we may look at the same view, is doesn’t necessarily mean that it is with the same perception. Despite the two of us being very similar, our interpretation of what we see through the skylight can very easily differ. He may not see the same appeal as I do as he looks up each night. He may only notice the drizzle of the rain across the pane, or the dark slope running down behind his head and get a dismal sense about not having some sort of curtain to block the window at night. Whereas I may focus on the sky above, or the pools of light across the white walls and have a moment of fatigued wonder of it’s beauty. Both views are just as valid as each other. Neither one is wrong. But they are different. 

This is the same with all views in life; both positive and negative aspects may be present, and one may focus on one and not the other. But you know what? That’s absolutely fine – My partner and I aren’t suddenly going to start arguing over what the skylight does and doesn’t say to us or how it makes us feel when we look at it. 

Can we get things wrong sometimes? Of course. Can people’s perceptions on certain views cause a difference in opinions? Absolutely. Should that be something we allow relationships to be broken over? No way. Can we get a little too philosophical over a window at 1am? Not at all (okay maybe a little). 


The Dream

What if the dream is just one prayer away?

We often lose sight of where we are heading in our lives because other things begin to form and progress, which can cause a distraction or confusion over what we are specifically meant to be reaching for. On more than one occasion have I received a crystal clear sign from God about what my next step should be in order to progress. But other opportunities and problems can arise and completely throw us off course to the point where we doubt whether it really was a sign from God or not. But God knows that earthly things can do this to us; He knows that we are imperfectly human. So I have to ask, if you end up unintentionally taking a different turn in the road than was originally planned, do you not think that God will have seen that? Do you not think that He will have another pathway laid out to lead you right back to where you need to be? Do not fret, neither underestimate the Lord’s wisdom. Providing that your plans are in and for God’s glory, then He will see them through.

Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established. – Proverbs 16:3

Refrain from trying to perfect your choices and keep in mind that if God can make man from the Earth, then He can perform miracles in your life using your mistakes and imperfections.The problem is that trying to make those important decisions on your own, without prayer and consultation with God, can cause you to lose sight of God’s plan for you, or cause you to stop looking for it. Continual prayer for God’s will to be done will lead you to the best outcome; He will never abandon you in that (or anything for that matter). Imagine the best outcome for your life – God has even better plans for each one of us that reach beyond our entire imaginations or beliefs.

Another important point is to remember that God loves you unconditionally and really wants the best for His children (you) – His plan for you will be unquestionably greater than anything else. Submit and commit – everything is His and nothing is yours, but yet He still provides it all for you.. He is the God of provision: just ask and you shall receive.


We all make mistakes. It is easy to assume that all Christians, in their journey as disciples and followers of Jesus, are striving to be perfect, and therefore they do nothing wrong. This is something I myself have faced during my arguably short time of being a Christian. Are you allowed to say that? Is that a Godly thing to do? I thought you were supposed to be perfect, so why are you angry? Isn’t this murder scene inappropriate for you to watch?
I admit that some questions are in fact valid, and can simply be asked out of genuine curiosity and desire for a better understanding of faith. But what really can be disheartening is when others query your motives because it is their motive to extinguish your happiness, your goal to be the good person that you are trying to be, and your constant efforts to be authentic in Christ.

As followers of Jesus, we should be constantly looking at ourselves and asking if we are really reflecting the traits and behaviour of a good person in the eyes of God, and honestly doing the utmost that we can to represent what we stand for and what our hearts believe in. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we can get it right every time, and sometimes that can be difficult, especially in such a secularist society, but thankfully we do have the Bible to make reference of to steady our moral compass. It’s vitally important to remember that although we were all made in the image of God, no one is perfect. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to be beaten up over your mistakes or flaws, because God is completely aware of those imperfections (and yet He still loves us – so awesome!). I find great encouragement from this verse in Joshua:

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. – 1:9

The idea that we all must strive for perfection should not be taken completely literally – yes, part of our journey on God’s path set out for us is to be in pursuit of perfection, but only in Him, not to create an obsession out of it.
According to the dictionary, perfection is defined in three ways – the state or quality of being perfect, a person or thing considered to be perfect, and the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.
A materialistic (and popular) idea is that one must become perfect in appearance and possession. However, I feel that what we as Christians need to come to terms with is that instead of striving for that perfection, we should strive for the last definition: the process of improving something until it is faultless. That is because I believe that our lives should define that process of refining ourselves in God’s glory and our love for Him, with our faultlessness only occurring when we reach Heaven. We should strive to be a reflection of God’s creation and image, but only a reflection, not the end result. Not on this earth anyway.

Conclusively, as long as what you do, say and what you stand for are in God’s name and for His glory, then it is absolutely okay – and necessary – to be imperfect.

A stable foundation

By human nature, we forget. 

Sometimes what we fail to remember can lead us into difficult situations, leaving us feeling panic-stricken and vulnerable. Sometimes everything reaches such a devastation that it appears to be crumbling to the ground in a huge pile of rubble at our very feet, and we watch the walls and solid foundations we so firmly built over our lifetime disintegrate. Fragments of careers, opportunities, relationships, routines, all scattered across the ground; what are you to do now? 

That is a very good question.

There are two clear options; either fall with them, or build them back up, starting from scratch. And by human nature, we have a beautifully strong determination to not give in and to fight for our survival, which is an intentional quality that our creator gave to us, knowing that sometimes, everything changes and you have to start all over again. Loss of identity becomes apparent after a while, and inside of yourself it can feel almost homeless. Now where can a vulnerable and pained soul seek refuge? 

All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. You feed them from the abundance of your own house, letting them drink from your river of delights. For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see. – psalm 36:7-9

For new foundations to be built, the old must be completely removed for an even surface; but this time around, you have the creator of heaven and earth to guide you. Now this’ll be interesting. You may wonder, how do you successfully build your wall back up again without it coming crashing down? The strongest element I believe in is SCRIPTURE. The whole How-to guide for life is literally contained within one book. It can fit inside the palm of your hand. It can go with you everywhere: on the train, beside your bed, at work, on a beach in Hawaii. What is even better is when the truth is engraved into your mind and you can really start living and breathing what God has written. Because through people like us, He wrote it, and it’s right there in black and white. Hallelujah! Through God we can find our true selves, and build the strongest of foundations to live upon, to reach the end goal; Heaven. 

By human nature, we forget.

But don’t forget to read scripture. Without it our foundations will become unstable and we will lose sight of God, Our Father, who wrote it all down for us. Just to make life a little easier. 

I’m a believer

(Cue Shrek song with a donkey singing “I’m a believer” to a pink dragon with long eyelashes).

If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.

– 1 Peter 4:14

So, after a mixed response on my first post, we now venture forth to the second. Again, I’m writing this later on at night, so I assume that this is the general time period in which I reach the peak of emotion and motivation… Or maybe it is the only point in the day where I actually get to sit down (debates on whether writing ‘LOL’ on blog post is appropriate).

No matter what you believe in, there will always be people politely informing you that you are in fact gravely mistaken (and so the sarcasm begins). This may come from strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, or even your own parents, as I soon discovered. So many people will assail you, and as frequently mentioned in the Bible, you may find yourself, as a Christian, feeling rather fragile when bombarded from all angles with a multitude of questions that require a little more time to answer than the allotted time given from said inquirer.  However, trust in the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will guide you in the process of responding to the question.

Encourage the one who is against you, and praise the one who encourages you. You already know in your heart that God is the truth and the light, and that Jesus is the one true path to eternal life and peace. So it is not you who needs this information – it is others who do not yet know. What I suggest is not to convince or force atheists and such alike into following Jesus, but to just talk to anyone who is willing to listen. Then the decision is left to the person your words fell upon.

Even in darkness, there is always light, because God is always with you. The devil (still a taboo subject but a necessary one to discuss) was once an angel, but his desire, greed and jealousy of God lead him to where he is now. Our goal as Christians is not to gain rewards for our own selfishness, despite common opinion of those against us. It is to praise the Lord who has done such wonderful things for us! An appreciation for our Creator, and a love for Our Father who made everything for us, and who sacrificed his only son so that we, as people, could access God’s Kingdom.

Many who assail us believe that Christianity consists of following a set of rules, and is therefore determined as not worthwhile. This was my own opinion before I discovered the truth. Different Christians have different views on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, but to me it’s a relationship between ourselves and Jesus. It’s about love, forgiveness, hope and trust (to name a few). Now, I ask our foes to consider this: if you were to take the religious aspect out of that last sentence, and apply said characteristics to someone who did not believe in God, then what would you make of that person? I can guarantee that they would be seen as a good-hearted and kind man or woman. So what is the difference between a follower and a non-believer?

Faith. That is the difference. Such belief, such love, such trust in the Lord, regardless of the offences thrown at us. Maybe the sheer strength of belief, love and trust is too much for some to comprehend? Perhaps some are too materialistic for such emotions? Do some feel that they don’t need God because they are capable of leading their own lives? Unfortunately this is the case for too many people nowadays.

So what I have come to learn is that atheists shouldn’t be so quick to judge Christians, insult us or snigger at us. Instead, watch us develop into loving, forgiving and joyful believers. I’m a believer, and I pray that one day those who offend me will be too.

In the beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, ‘let there be light’, and there was light. – Genesis 1

Everything must have a beginning. This post is the beginning of my blog that I have decided to start up, a decision unsurprisingly made past 12am when it would be far wiser to sleep, since I have to go to work in the morning. Nevertheless, I’d rather begin sooner than later, as once this is published, I will be more inclined to continue writing and less inclined to find an excuse not to.

If it wasn’t already clear from the quote at the top, I am a Christian and have been for the past 5 months. Although that is arguably a very short period of time, a lot has happened, a lot has changed, and most importantly, I’m excited about it.

As a student studying A-levels, working a part-time job (that I’m paid peanuts for), trying to fit in a social life, singing in pubs to earn extra cash, and aiming to prioritise those four things correctly, you may wonder how on earth I can find the time for religion.

It’s actually very easy. Devote your life to God, and your trust and faith in Him will completely change. You will never be afraid, you will never be alone, and you will never struggle, because God will reach out His hand to you.

Why? Because He loves you.

Regardless of your sin, your wrongdoings, your bad choices, The Lord will always forgive you, and it will never be too late to repent. A year ago, I was a very strong and stubborn atheist that denied God and would argue until my face was blue that He did not exist. I was oblivious to all the things He did for me, even when I was certain He was just fiction; another proof that God has unconditional love for each one of us (trust me, I was horrible). But I soon discovered that love, and I cannot imagine life without it.

However, this is not religion, although that is the term I used earlier on, but this is a relationship with Jesus, with God, with the Holy Spirit; this is pure love. This is protection from temptation, peace in myself and others, strength to face struggle, salvation, a second chance, the truth.

This is the beginning.