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The skylight

There’s something very intimate in knowing that your eyes are wandering over the same scene as someone you love has done too – especially when the scene is of a view that you know they have studied before you, and will continue to do so after you have left. That scene (for me) is the sky. Particularly out of my boyfriends skylight. We currently live a 45 minute train journey away which is a good tenner out of my pocket every time I’m feeling convincingly single. Like a gentleman, he unquestionably sacrifices his own bed for the sofa when I choose to stay over (which is frequently the case). Therefore, I get the comfortable option compared to a sofa too short for my long legs to stretch out on (he suffers instead). And whilst I’m here in a fond but alien place, I lie on my back and look up, and providing it’s past 12am become rather philosophical over a window in the roof. Depending on the day, I either see the beautiful night sky or a dull hue of cloud and blur, although either way I can find something deep and meaningful about it. 

Tonight I’m dwelling on the idea that what I see in front of me, is exactly the same as what my boyfriend sees each night as he lays in this bed (give it take a few clouds). And it’s led me to think that although we may look at the same view, is doesn’t necessarily mean that it is with the same perception. Despite the two of us being very similar, our interpretation of what we see through the skylight can very easily differ. He may not see the same appeal as I do as he looks up each night. He may only notice the drizzle of the rain across the pane, or the dark slope running down behind his head and get a dismal sense about not having some sort of curtain to block the window at night. Whereas I may focus on the sky above, or the pools of light across the white walls and have a moment of fatigued wonder of it’s beauty. Both views are just as valid as each other. Neither one is wrong. But they are different. 

This is the same with all views in life; both positive and negative aspects may be present, and one may focus on one and not the other. But you know what? That’s absolutely fine – My partner and I aren’t suddenly going to start arguing over what the skylight does and doesn’t say to us or how it makes us feel when we look at it. 

Can we get things wrong sometimes? Of course. Can people’s perceptions on certain views cause a difference in opinions? Absolutely. Should that be something we allow relationships to be broken over? No way. Can we get a little too philosophical over a window at 1am? Not at all (okay maybe a little).